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Sunday, March 01, 2015
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I have a new addiction... Pinterest. It's gotten to the point where I've pinned over 500 things & created 7 new boards in a matter of days. It's replaced Twitter in the fact that it's the last thing I check before I go to sleep and the first when I wake up. To document my love (aka addiction) for Pinterest,  I thought I'd put together a mini-series on some of my favourite pins.

{ 01 } Who wouldn't love waking up to cats? This one I think is adorable, so much so that I now have a whole board dedicated to animals, even though it's mainly cats and French Bulldogs!

{ 02 } Blush pink has quickly become my favourite colour and I've been using it everywhere. This blog, my theme, my Pinterest board covers are all blush pink and I love it!

{ 03 } I've also been loving metals and have again made a board solely for them. I love these metal lanterns and I am obsessed with how blush pink looks with copper or gold.

{ 04 } If there ever was a place to find amazing ideas for decorating your home, it'd be Pinterest. These fresh flowers in on a bright white table look like they'd be amazing for getting you in the Monday morning spirit.

{ 05 } Do you ever just read a quote and it sticks with you? The saying, "You are capable of amazing things" is what I've been thinking of every time I'm having a down-day. The gold lettering looks stunning, too.

Are you on Pinterest? Leave me a link to your profiles, I'm always on the look out for more pinners to follow! You can follow me here. I hope you've had a lovely weekend! XO

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