6 Blogs Worth Reading

Friday, March 13, 2015

As I mentioned in Sunday's post, the weekends are for catching up with your favourite blogs. I've been compiling a list of my favourite blogs for the past few weeks in order for me to share them with you... I'm all for sharing the love, after all! I'm sure you've probably heard of all of these blogs but otherwise, happy reading!

CHARMED CHARLEE   The lovely Charlee writes one of my favourite blogs. If you're looking for amazing beauty reviews with stunning photos, make sure you check out her blog!

THE ELLE NEXT DOOR  Another one of my favourite blogs is written by Elle. Her fashion photos are stunning and her outfits are gorgeous. She also posts amazing beauty reviews.

KORY WOODWARD   If you're looking for great blogging tips as well as amazing tips for blog branding, Kory would be your girl. Her posts are so easy to read and her graphics make for an amazing read.

FASHION & BEAUTY TRIBES   For more blogging tips with dreamy photography & amazing resources for your own blog, Sinead's blog would be where I'd point you to!

LIPGLOSS & LASHES   Another blog with amazing photography and makeup reviews is written by Becky. She also did an amazing post on her Celine handbag dupe that I'm super jealous of!

AUTUMN LEAVES   If I'm ever having a problem with my blog or I'm looking for blogging advice, Rebecca's blog would be the first I'd turn to. She also has some amazing tips on SEO that makes the whole thing less confusing!

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