How to: Change Colour of Bloglovin' Button

Monday, March 23, 2015
how to change color of bloglovin widget button

One thing that's been bugging me for the past (almost) three years I've spent blogging, it's that Bloglovin' are still refusing to change the colour of their widgets. At the moment they only have two colours - bright blue & pink. Not everyone has a colour scheme on their blog which these can fit into so it left me to get digging, and find a new code where you can change the colour... Guess what, I found it! I altered it myself but the original can be found here.

<div style= "filter: hue-rotate(65deg)!important;-webkit-filter: hue-rotate(65deg);-moz-filter: hue-rotate(65deg);-ms-filter: hue-rotate(65deg);-o-filter: hue-rotate(65deg);">



Now all you have to do is add this code as a HTML/Javascript widget on your blog. You can change the colour of the button by changing the number in the code, which I've put in bold (these should all be the same number). Find your original code by hovering over your circular profile photo next to notifications & clicking 'Bloglovin button'.

Enjoy your new widget!