Ultimate Tips for Red Lips

Friday, March 20, 2015
Red lips can be fussy - I mean really fussy. Up until a few years ago I hated red lips with a passion because I just couldn't find a way to stop them from being so slippery, smudgy and hard to apply. Fast-forward a few years and red is one of my favourite lip colours to wear now that I've perfected how to apply it with no problems. Yay for red lips!

I think that the key to effortless red lips is to prime them. Grab Lush's Bubblegum Lip Scrub and buff away all of the dead skin on your lips, then top off with some lip balm to give a nice base to work with.

Another tip for longer lasting, non-smudgy lipstick is to line them with a lip liner in a similar shade to your lipstick. Something like the Rimmel lip liner in Black Tulip is perfect for the classic red lip that gives enough precision to create a crisp defined line. I'd also recommend using this lip liner to fill in your entire lips - this way if your lipstick starts to wear off, you have an extra stain-like layer to prevent any natural lip colour from peeping through.

I'm sure you need no help with applying lipstick but if you're struggling to get the outside lines nice and crisp, try using a brush similar to the Real Techniques Detailer brush to get right to the edges. You could also use concealer to clean around the lip line.

I like to blot off the excess lipstick onto some tissue, then take a clean tissue and place it on my lips as I press some translucent powder over it. This will set the lipstick in place and leave your lips looking perfect for longer so that you won't have to top-up as frequently!

What's your ultimate tip for a red lip?

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