The Liner Low-Down

Saturday, May 10, 2014

You should know me by now - anything to do with eye liner I am all over like a rash. If there's one thing that I'm so proud of that I've done over the past few weeks is conquer winged liner. I think the newest addition to my liner stash is probably the main reason for this, and it really is too good not to share. I've found that different liners can make completely different effects and some are easier to others. Here's the liner low-down.

FELT-TIP LINERS   Probably one of my favourite eyeliners of all time is the Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner. The nib is the perfect size to create a variety of thickness lines, graphic liner and unlike many other felt-tip liners, it has lasted me around 6 months and doesn't show any signs of drying up. The nib on this is perfect for creating a gorgeous feline winged liner and I use this almost everyday and love it more & more every time. Amazing.

GEL LINERS    I've found that gel liners are good for beginners in makeup. When I was first starting out, I bought a little pot of black gel liner and it made my shaky hands be able to make something that looked decent on my eyelids. I love this one from Bobbi Brown. Yes, the price is really extortionate but for the longevity and the wear it gives, I'm happy to spend every penny.

PENCIL LINERS   Again, pencil liners are great for beginners with makeup. I bought this one from Rimmel but definitely prefer MAC pencil liners. I've found pencil liners to be one of the most natural looking, especially when you just use a tiny bit and smudge it out to give a messier, un-done effect.

SHADOW LINERS   I'd have never have thought about using an eyes hadow as an eyeliner up until a few months ago, but it's one of the simplest liners you could ever attempt. Simply smudge a little bit of black liner (I use Carbon by MAC) at the root of your lashes, blend out and it looks gorgeous. This is great for if you're trying to attempt 'no-makeup makeup' and it just makes your lashes look that slight bit fuller without looking too over-done.

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