Weekend Reading

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Ahh, the bliss of an exam break! It feels good to finally sit down, relax (for a few hours) and take a break from revision. I've learned that relaxation is so important - whether that be taking a bath, reading a book or blogging. I like to do a combination of the three and I've been loving a few links over the Internet from the past few days.

- Steller app. Photography lovers, you need to download this app! There's a link to the demo here. (You can also follow me - username is elisedopson!)

- This article on doing what you love.
 On not being perfect.
- The amazing man making photos from skiing. Crazy talented.
- The Fault in Our Stars has been on my bookshelf this month and I am loving it!
- Clothesencounters' Closet Staples
- Laughing my head off at this  - The 28 Awkward Stages of a School Disco.