Best of the Reds

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Way back before I started this blog, I'd never be seen dead wearing a bold lip for two reasons. A) Because I never bought a bold lipstick and B) Because every time I went to put on of my mum's on, it looked ridiculous. Now that I've learned a lot more about makeup, I've acquired quite the collection of red lipsticks, ranging from matte to super glossy.

One of my favourite lipsticks is the Kate Moss 107 - pictured the second from the top in the image. I've worn this so much that it practically lives in my pocket and is a gorgeous, really deep/almost purple red. It's also so cheap and easy to find in any drugstore. You can't go wrong with this one.

Another favourite of mine is the Rimmel Apocalips in Across The Universe. This is a lip lacquer, meaning it has a glossier effect and is quite tricky to apply. Once you get used to the consistency, this can be popped on in a matter of seconds and looks like you've put so much effort in - always a good thing!

The last three of my picks are lip crayons, a new-found love for me. I have the Revlon Colorbursts in Audacious and Provocateur. Audacious is an orange toned matte balm, whereas Provocateur is much glossier and more of a true red. Both have amazing staying power, are cheap as chips and smell delicious. I also have Bourjois' lip crayon in Red Sunrise. I don't wear this one as much as the others and it is so similar to Revlon's Provocateur but is the first red I ever bought and although I never wear it, I can't bring myself to throw it out... Did someone mention makeup hoarder?