Half Face Makeup

Monday, April 07, 2014
This post has been a long time coming. In a bid to combine the #NoMakeupSelfie with the lovely Celine's post on why she wears makeup, I thought I'd do something a bit different. I get sick to death with people saying "makeup doesn't even do anything!", especially my dad. So I got the urge to draw a line down my face and do a natural makeup, then dramatic makeup one one side. Here's how it went.

I just wanted to say that I wear makeup for me - no one else. It makes me feel more confident and if it doesn't hurt anybody else, I'm completely entitled to do so. It's still amazing how a little bit of colour can give you so much confidence; for example I hate my eyes. I describe them as 'pea-like', but I know how to apply makeup onto myself to accentuate and enhance what I like and draw attention away from what I don't.

The whole point in natural makeup is to make it look natural. Lightly drawn brows, nude lipstick and a bit of mascara can really make all the difference, as you can see in the photo above. My cheeks look much healthier, as well as my eyes looking more awake. I then got the urge to do a more dramatic makeup - liner, brows and a red lip. As you can see it really does make a difference.

Now for the interesting part - I want you reading this to do your half-face of makeup and nominate who you wish. Make sure that you pop back here and leave the link in the comments below. Good luck!