A Breath of Fresh Air

Friday, April 11, 2014
Even though I spend 95% of my time either shopping or blogging, it feels really good to sometimes just get out and get some fresh air. Now that it's Spring (or so it should be), it's the perfect excuse to get outside for a walk with my family and my camera.

Although we don't have a dog ourselves, I never tire of taking photos of other people's pups. They're always so happy and energetic and make me feel so calm and content. For me, long countryside walks are all about embracing no makeup, ratty hair and coffee in flasks. There really is nothing better than watching your mum and brother slide around in the mud whilst wearing utterly inappropriate shoes - whenever I come home I always wish I could've recorded it.

I think it's all too often that we get used to being couped up indoors, with our lives revolving around the newest Essie nail polish or Benefit's latest launch. Don't get me wrong; I'm fascinated by all things makeup but I'm really not materialistic at all. I'd happily trade all of my makeup in for countryside walks with my family. 

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