A Meenie Update

Friday, April 04, 2014
It's been a quite a long time since we did a little update on Meenie, considering she changes more and more every week. She's gotten a fair few nicknames so far, with some being "Queen Meen", "Meenie-Pie" and my favourite, "Meenie Green Bean". You can catch-up on her updates and her introductions by clicking here.

She's actually come into her first heat as we speak, so it means non-stop, constant meow-ing and doing that really weird position where she sticks her bum into the air. Her new favourite place to sleep is the ironing board in my mum's room, and if she had the choice she'd literally sleep there all night. She still loves prouncing around in the bath and yesterday, I even woke up to my MAC palette pushed in the bath.

We have to be careful at night, though - last week she shut herself in the bathroom and opened the towel cupboard and dragged the bedding and towels all over the floor. God knows how long she'd been in there. She's really getting into a routine, with part of it being rushing into my room in the morning for her treats. She accompanies me whilst I'm sat in the bath and is actually meow-ing back to me when I speak. So cute.