Bedside Bits

Tuesday, September 23, 2014
Bedsite Bits

I have finally had my bedroom redecorated! The horrible black and pink colour scheme that the little 11 year old me though was cool has finally gone (praise the Lord). Over the past few days I've been trailing out different organisational tips to get my room the best it can look (and the most efficient!) and I think I've nailed the bedside tables.

Now I'd normally post this on my lifestyle blog but today it's on here - it does include beauty items after all. The first thing, beauty-wise, that I keep on my bedside table is my moisturizer. I use the Vaseline Spray & Go to moisturize my body because it's so quick & easy to use whilst still hydrating my skin. I also keep the Burts Bees foot cream but let's not talk about moisturizing our feet. It makes me feel sick!

I also keep my deodorant and a clear nail polish here for when I'm not wearing acrylics and my nails need hydrating. Non-beauty bits include my lamps from Argos, a small pot with fake flowers from IKEA and a baby cactus. Cute. One of my favourite parts of my room is this little glass jar that I filled with fairy lights, again from IKEA. I'm literally so fussy with lighting but this, along with the light off my TV gives my room a really, cosy feeling in the evening.