Brow Battle

Sunday, September 21, 2014
Brow Battle

Myself and brows have a love-hate relationship. Some days I want to hide away under my blanket as I'm so ashamed at how sluggish and bear-like they are yet others, they turn out looking amazing and I want the whole world to see them. Also, has anyone noticed how your brows go perfectly when you're not going anywhere and just practicing, yet the moment you need them to look great, they look poopy? It's always the case.

Because brows are so important and make or break a face, I've spent quite some time trying to find the right products for them. The first brow product I tried was the Maybelline BrowDrama and was also where the brow journey started off on a bad foot. This is probably my least favourite makeup product ever and cannot understand what it does and just leaves my brows feeling crispy without adding any drama whatsoever.

Next on the agenda was the Anastasia Brow Wiz, where things took a complete turn and where I fell in love with my brows. I raved about this many a times so won't babble too much but this is my go-to product for nice, natural and defined brows which I turn to every day. More recently I bought the Soap and Glory Brow Archery after seeing Zoe use this in a few tutorials. I'm not completely in love with this but I prefer the felt-tip side for filling in my brows. The verdict? Brow Wiz all the way!

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