Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain

Friday, September 05, 2014
Revlon Colorstay

Can we just acknowledge how many amazing liquid lipsticks are on the market at the moment? I feel like within the past few months every brand, drugstore and high-end, have their own take on these amazing pots of coloured gloop. I recently bought the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets and proclaimed my love for them in this review but after seeing Revlon's take on them, I decided to pick them up to see how they compared.

Out of the two I have to say that Parisian Passion, the purple, is my favourite. I wore this when I went for a meal whilst on my Cornwall trip and it stayed putt all throughout me devouring a curry.  Barcelona Nights is a beautiful hot pink (non-Barbie) shade that I also love but doesn't suit my skintone as much as Parisian Passion.

I wouldn't say that the formulas are as good as Bourjois (they are impeccable!) but they're good for a liquid lipstick. Unlike the Bourjois ones, these come out glossy as opposed to matte and are not as opaque. The first coat is something that feels a bit unusual as it comes out as a really thick gloop, but the second coat gives you a slight glossy lip. The thing I love most about these is the packaging. It feels so much more expensive and luxorious and makes me more inclined to pick it out in my makeup bag.

Overall I definitely think they're good liquid lipsticks, but nowhere near the fabulousness of the Bourjois ones. What's your favourite liquid lipstick?

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