Expiry Dates... In Beauty?

Thursday, September 11, 2014
Beauty Expiry Dates

Checking whether my makeup products are still within their expiry dates is something that was confusing a few months back. Because I don't tend to read the back of my products, I often miss the indicator of how long you should be using your products for. These days it's something I try to do at least once every two months to make sure my makeup isn't being dangerous/harming to my skin. This post is mainly to give a guideline of how long each type of product tends to last, so here we go!

Foundation & Concealer - This is a strange one as I've seen anywhere between 6 months - 2 years+. I think as long as you're keeping the dispenser clean, I'd say it's had it's time around the 1 year mark.

Face Powders - This one can tie in with blushes and bronzer with a guideline of 1-2 years.

Eyeshadows - These tend to last around 2 years.

Eye & Lip Pencils - Again, another confusing one. I've seen from 1 - 3 years so as a guideline, I'd say around 2 years if you're taking care of them & sharpening regularly.

Mascara - If you're not a fan of clumpy mascara, eye infections or just bad mascara, it should be thrown away between 3 - 6 months.

Lipsticks & Glosses - Lip glosses are said to last around 1 year, whereas lipsticks tend to need to be thrown around the 2 year mark.

Of course all of these time scales are just averages. To find exactly how long your individual product lasts, check the back of the packaging (it should have a little time amount in a tub) or just head over to CheckCosmetic where you pop in your product info & have a detailed review of how long they should be kept.

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