The Sleepy Kitten

Friday, June 06, 2014

Ok, so it's happened. I've turned into that crazy cat lady that shakes treats up and down the street screaming their cat's name at the top of their lungs - it's even worse when I'm wearing pyjamas (picture that...). It's been a while since I did a little Meenie update and it's crazy how fast she's growing. The best thing about having a kitten is finding her sprawled out on my bed to go and cuddle up to.

Since having her operation a few weeks ago, she's getting braver and going further away from the house - something that honestly terrifies me. She's such a funny cat, as weird as it sounds. Every morning I find her snoring away on my back and when I wake up, she sits next to my bedside table waiting for her morning treats. She's also been in a few cats fight, primarily started by her. She is living up to her name "Meenie" but is such a softy when she's in the mood! There's a bigger cat that she bullies every time she sees it and she also has a thing for walking in people's houses... How the hell do you get her to stop that?!