What Do the MAC Lipstick Finishes Mean?

Monday, January 25, 2016

I seem to always mention this on my blog but I remember the first day I bought a MAC lipstick like it was yesterday. I walked in with no idea what I wanted (or what to expect), and I found the whole 'buying my first bit of expensive makeup' thing a bit overwhelming. The colours, smells and different consistencies confused me - not to even mention the finishes. Over the years I've been collecting them, I've gotten to grips with the different finishes so I thought I'd create a quick guide for anyone who was confused as me!


These finishes are my ultimate favourites and they are exactly as the name would suggest. Lipsticks with a Cremesheen formula are creamy, hydrating and in my opinion, the most wearable. Some of the most popular MAC Cremesheen finishes include Ravishing and Shy Girl.


Probably the most obvious of MAC lipstick finishes is Matte. These are not-so-surprisingly matte (meaning no gloss), but are the most likely to dry our your lips. With Matte lipsticks, good preparation is key for a great looking lipstick. Some of the most popular MAC Matte finishes include Russian Red, Diva and Candy Yum Yum.


Amplified finishes are always the brightest and most pigmented of MAC lipsticks. Unlike the Matte finish, they don't dry out your lips as much and I personally find them easier to apply. The coverage is incredible due to the pigmentation. Some of the most popular MAC Amplified lipsticks include Girl About Town and Up The Amp.


I've personally found MAC lipsticks with a Satin finish are a hybrid between Matte and Lustre. They tend to be opaque in their colour and have the qualities of a Matte formula (creamy & opaque) yet are less drying on the lips. Some of the most popular MAC Satin lipsticks include Myth and Rebel.


Lustre finishes come in at a close second favourite for me because of their creaminess and how easy they are to apply. Lustre finishes are similar to Cremesheens yet are less opaque. Some of the most popular MAC Lustre lipsticks include Lovelorn and Patisserie.


I've found Glaze finishes to be the least opaque lipsticks from MAC and also the most sheer. Out of all MAC lipsticks, one with a Glaze finish is likely to be the one you can apply on the train to work without a mirror due to the easiness of applying them. One of the most popular MAC Glaze lipsticks is Hue.


MAC lipsticks with a Frost finish are my least favourite and as the name would suggest, they look very frosty on the lips. I don't own a lipstick in this shade myself but every time I try on one in a MAC store, I hate the finish. They're extremely shimmery and although some of the shades in the Frost range are stunning, the finishes have always put me off. Some of the most popular MAC Frost lipsticks include Costa Chic, Angel and Ramblin' Rose.

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