How Are You Doing? 04

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Hello and welcome back to the newly-revamped Peonies in Paris! I've spent most of the weekend (and my lunch breaks at work!) redesigning this blog and for the first time in what seems like forever, I think I'm getting back to my old self. A lot of things have happened since I last posted on here and I felt like another episode of 'How Are You Doing?' would be the best way to catch-up. So, here are this weeks' questions!
01. How are you doing?
02. Do you have any scars? Is there a fun story behind it?
03. Tea or coffee?
04. What's the most fun you've had this week?
05. What was your proudest moment?
06. What's your favourite TV series?
07. Do you have any party tricks?

And as always, my answers:

01. I'm doing great today; the best I've felt all week now I know something is being published over here!
02. I have a small scar on my right knee from when I was drunk and fell over in my dad's garden. He wasn't impressed with the mess I got myself in (or the state of his garden afterwards!).
03. Tea all the way!
04. The most fun I've had this week was probably when I went on a late-night walk with my friend in the snow.
05. My proudest moment was the first time I managed to get on a bus without a panic attack. After 3 years of not getting on any form of public transport, it was definitely one of my proudest moments!
06. The Affair, without a doubt.
07. The only party tricks I have are the ones I have when I'm drunk. Making an old lady do a slut drop in the middle of a pub whilst my jeans ripped open wasn't my proudest of moments.

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