Snow Day

Friday, January 30, 2015
Snow Day 1

I usually hate the snow - only being able to go out in wellies, walking through slush and just the general freezing temperature never appealed to me. Of course, when I was younger I prayed for it to snow for one reason... No school. One of my greatest memories from my childhood was when my best friend & I sat in my house, refreshing our school websites to see if it it would be closed the following day. It was! We did a happy dance around my house and had the best sleepover with hot chocolates and cosy slippers. Those were the days.

Snow Day 3 Snow Day 4

When I woke up this morning to open my blinds I was shocked at how much snow actually fell during the night. I usually watch the weather reports & think "yeah yeah, how can we get 3 inches of snow in a busy city" but I was wrong! My garden, the trees and everything outside has a nice, untouched layer of snow. I don't mind the snow when it's fresh and white, but despise it with a passion when it turns to grey slush! Before the snow turned like the latter I dragged my mum out on a fresh 8am walk to get some photos of the snow that hadn't been walked on & these were the results.

Wrapped up in wooly hats, gloves & scarfs we felt (& looked) the part of complete nutters, walking around in layers upon layers of clothes and hats with a camera in hand. One person I know who hates the snow is Meenie. She usually wakes us up every morning at 6am to play outside but this morning she couldn't. The amount of times we've told her that there's just as much snow outside the front door as the back door is a number I've lost track of! I'm thinking today is a day to curl up by the fire, catch up on some blog posts & have hot-chocolate on tap. Have a lovely day!

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