5 Things: Brands To Try In 2015

Saturday, January 17, 2015

I'm late to the party to the whole New Year's Resolution facade but better late than never, hey? After much deliberation, I've decided that my only resolution for 2015 is to try new brands - a pretty simple (& relatively easy!) one to keep. It's also surprisingly easy to find yourself stuck in a rut with your makeup and sticking to the brands you know and love. This year I'm making it my mission to try more brands and here's a few at the top of my list...

Estee Lauder: I think 2015 is the year to find my perfect foundation. I've loved Studio Fix, Photoready and Healthy Mix for so long but I feel like they're missing something. Estee Lauder's Double Wear looks like a gorgeous one for everyday wear - the perfect amount of coverage and a gorgeous finish. The only thing putting me off is the price - so expensive!

Illamasqua: Another foundation on my wishlist is Illamasqua's Skin Base. I remember way back in the day I saw that Illamasqua had a sale on so I ordered a concealer that I later realized was about 50 shades darker than my skintone. I'd love to see what else they have to offer that is in my shade! Skin Base has been on my wishlist for such a long time that I think it'll have to be a purchase in the near future... It can be justified, right?

Makeup Revolution: A slightly different brand on my wishlist for this year is Makeup Revloution. Their blush & contour palette in the shade Hot Spice has been on my list for what feels like the longest time and I can't put my finger on why I haven't picked it up yet. I looks like a stunning palette and I'm hoping it could make contouring my hamster cheeks that slight bit easier!

Smashbox: How could I feature a wishlist without including the Smashbox Full Exposure palette? A stunning matte & shimmer palette with 14 gorgeous shades, how could I say no? I've had my eye on this for what seems like the longest time but in the words of KathleenLights, das expensiiiive.

Zoeva: I think it's pretty astonishing to say that I made it through 2014 without owning any Zoeva brushes. Everyone seems to have gotten their mits on them lately and I can only look at the Rose Gold set so much before I buy them as an early birthday present to myself! I also love the look of the 'Close to Heaven' Graphic Eye pencil.

H A V E  Y O U  T R I E D  A N Y  O F  T H E S E  B R A N D S ?  W H A T  B R A N D S  W O U L D  Y O U   L I K E  T O  T R Y  T H I S  Y E A R ?

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