Things Nobody Tells You About Having A Cat

Monday, January 26, 2015
Green Flowers

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· Privacy? That's out of the window. They'll watch you in the bath, on the toilet, and sometimes you'll find them staring at you in the middle of the night.
· The first time you let her play out will be a day you'll dread.
· Finding yourself on the #catsofinstagram Instagram hashtag will be an almost daily occurence,
· You'll talk to them more than you do your siblings, it's just how it goes.
· You'll also have a Pinterest board dedicated solely to kittens & cats.
· They'll soon grow out of picking up carpets & running up curtains, but it's frustrating when it does happen.
· You won't be able to go out shopping without bringing them something home.
· Visiting the vets also becomes a regular occurrence, especially when they decide that fighting with other cats is more important than their health.
· You won't get a holiday as you're too attached that you can't leave them!
· And Christmas trees? You'll need a baby-gate around them.

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