Baby Powder Fragrance

Friday, January 09, 2015
A Baby Powder Scent?

One of my favourite scents in the whole world is baby powder. Candles, room sprays and now fragrances - you name it, I have it (and love it). I just find it so fresh and it's such a comforting scent to have, so much so that I use it almost everywhere. Whilst I was on a recent mother-daughter shopping trip in Boots, my mum spotted this Baby Powder perfume from Liberty of Fragrance. One sniff and I was hooked. Seriously, it's that addictive!

This was £15 yet Boots often have offers where you can chose two fragrances from the line and only pay £25 - if you think about it, you're getting two decent sized bottles of perfume for under £30... Crazy! This cologne really doesn't disappoint. It's subtle enough to be worn as a daily fragrance yet noticable enough to recognize the scent. It also lasts a longer time on the skin than I was expecting as I'm so used to buying cheaper perfumes that only last 15 minutes - Victoria's Secret PINK, I'm talking to you. You also get a fair amount of product in this and I can see it lasting me a long time. If you're in Boots and come across this, give it a smell! You won't regret it.

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