It's OK

Sunday, August 03, 2014

... to have your bedroom, cup and pyjamas all unco-ordinatedly floral.
... to follow whatever passion you have.
... to not have everything figured out in your teens. Or twenties. Or thirties. Or ever.
... to listen to songs over and over again until they make you feel sick.
... to not shave your legs for a week. Or three.
... to wear the same dress for two days in a row.
... to post whatever the hell you want on Facebook and laugh at them in a few years time.
... to throw peace signs in photos like it's still 2011.
... to not wash your hair everyday and load on dry shampoo like it's running out of fashion.
... to not have the latest beauty launch.
... to cry. 
... to get rid of negative people.
... to post ridiculous photos of yourself (see above) to the internet for everyone to see.
... to do whatever you want.

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