Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Face-mapping has always been the most interesting thing in the whole skincare topic for me - I love reading different theories behind what your spots mean and how you can prevent them from happening in a certain areas. Of course, there's many different face-mapping theories and opinions but this is the one that seems most true-to-life and helpful to me.

1 - Forehead
Spots on the forehead are well-known to be evidence of stress or sleep deprivation. Spots along the hairline can also be from a build up of products (particularly hair products and foundation) so the best way to deal with spots in this area is to ensure that you're getting enough sleep, head space and you're really removing makeup from that area.

2 - Above the brow
Spots above the brow are supposed to be a representation of your immune system. If you're experiencing a cold or the flu, this tends to be the area that you get the most breakouts. Unfortunately you can't avoid getting ill so you need to let these ones run their course!

3 - Between the brows
Getting spots between your brows is traditionally a sign of over-indulgence (yet I am the biggest chocolate eater EVER and never get spots here!) so this is one that I'm not too sure on. This area is related to the liver and is often blemish-filled when you've drank too much alcohol.

4 - Cheeks
The cheeks are related to the quality your lungs and the air that you're breathing in. Smokers or people with allergies tend to get spots here, as well as people who frequently breathe in polluted air.

5 - Chin
Ahh, the dreaded time of the month. This area is hormone-related and is why you often get breakouts around this area around the time of your period. It's also been suggested that the side on which you get the most blemishes depends on which ovary is ovulation the most but I'm not too sure on that.

For more face-mapping techniques and secrets, you can check out the Dermalogica Face Mapping page where it gives you more problematic areas and explains the reasoning behind it - I only included five as these tend to be the most common. If you'd like to see more in this little Skincare Secrets series, you can catch-up by clicking here and stay tuned for tomorrow's post all about the importance of SPF!