Prime Time

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Prime Time

I'm not usually a big primer fan - infact I only own two. I went to the Benefit counter and documented it in my Birthday Haul that I got the Porefessional and a small sample of That Gal included in the price. Because I have combination skin I thought that a primer wouldn't work for me - I'd need one for oiliness and one for dry patches yet still keep my foundation looking matte. So many people had raved about the Porefessional so I decided to pick it up whilst I got That Gal for free.

Out of the two, I definitely prefer That Gal which is good considering I was never going specifically for that anyway! Up until I tried this I loved matte skin and wouldn't even entertain anything otherwise. After giving this a whizz I fell completely in love with it. It smells gorgeous (HUGE makeup points) and is so quick, easy and effortless to apply. I wouldn't say it extends the wear-time of my foundation which primers are supposed to do but I just generally apply this to make my skin look more healthy and glowing.

I'm also a fan of Porefessional. So far, neither are a disappointment! I have really large pores around my nose area & that was the sole reason why I bought it & does what it says on the tin. It covers them and makes the application of my foundation so much easier and the end result very flawless. I've found that both of these primers used together give me a flawless, perfected skin that it so easy to achieve.

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