DIY Headband

Thursday, March 27, 2014
I'm all for quick and easy when it comes to physical appearance, whether that be with hair, makeup or clothing. I've come up with a little DIY headband that takes a matter of seconds to do and will look like you've spent some time on it... Perfect if you're heading to work in a rush!

All you need to do is braid a small bit of hair from the bottom corner of your head, below your ear. Once you've braided it, pull it over the front of your head and clip it down with a bobby pin or two on the opposite side behind the ear. Your hair will need to be medium-long length to do this because it needs to go the full length of your head. Once you've done this you can really style it however you want - curly, straight or even tied up. 

I must add, this looks better if your hair is ombred. My hair at the moment is a mess, due to asking the hairdresser to blend it in some blonde and I left the salon with a line across my neck where the ginger starts. Not good. It looks like I'll have to continue this until I dye it back! Why is it always hairdressers do the opposite of what you ask? Not fun.

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