Weekend Reading

Saturday, March 15, 2014
It's always good to have a little spot of Weekend Reading. This week I've had a few good links that I'd like to share with you, although some of them aren't exactly 'reading', unless you turn on the captions. I love sitting down and taking some time out to have some "me" time. Although my goal for this month was to read real-life things, reading is reading, right? 

  • Nicole's photos from her trip to Tuscany. I've always wanted to visit Italy and these photos are absolutely stunning - no surprise as she's such an amazing photographer. Dreamy photos, leaving me longing for a bit of the Italian culture.
  • This piece written by Rachel about the pro's and con's of teenage blogging. It's such an amazing post to get it out how teenage bloggers can sometimes be patronized by older bloggers.
  • The link that Zoe shared on her Facebook page a few weeks back about the two brothers trying to re-create their childhood photos. What an amazing idea! Genius.
  • These 61 quotes that will make you feel beautiful. Again, amazing.
  • Although it's not quite reading, take five minutes out of your day and listen to John Legend's new song, All of Me. It made me cry.
Don't forget if you have any links you've been loving, leave them in the comments! I love reading random links that are sent :) Leave your blog links too! I also have my MAC lipstick giveaway running at the moment so make sure you've entered for a chance to win a lipstick of your choice.