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Friday, March 07, 2014
In an attempt to get a bit more healthy (and lose a few pounds), I'm trialing a new theory. Nope, it's not one of them fad diets that means you eat greens with everything and do 2 hours of exercise a day, but the theory is in fact drinking one cup of warm water with a lemon plonked in, every morning before eating or drinking anything.  

The apparent health benefits to lemon water are endless; aiding in digestion, clearing skin, reducing any pain and also cleansing your system by flushing out all of the bad bits (toxins). The latter seems perfect for me - I've been feeling a bit 'meh' recently so I'm hoping that this can make me feel a little better, plus I'm still feeling all of the effects from Pancake Day. I'm also unfortunately been blessed with the sniffles, so blankets, hot tea and tonnes of tissues has been my life for the past few days! Although it doesn't taste the best (why is that always the story with healthy things?), I'll keep trying it. Don't worry, I'll keep you updated!


  1. I start every day with a mug of hot lemon water, it's great for metabolism, it detoxes your body and it tastes fresh and zingy too :o) Xx

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  2. I'm tempted to start doing this - I get bored with the taste of actual water so quickly so it might just add a bit of much needed flavour! xx

  3. I might try this too! Seeming as how it's coming up to winter for me it'll be a great way to warm up in the morning!

  4. I've only just started putting lemon into my room temperature water, but I've been drinking so much more than usual! Maybe I should hot lemon water as well :)

    Mel // izzipenelope

  5. Ooh, I didn't know lemon water was good for the metabolism! I may have to test this out!
    Great mini post!
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  6. I'm on a health kick too :) this is one of my fave things to drink

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  7. I'm going to try this! Hope you feel better soon!

  8. hot lemon is amazing, a great simple cleanse and even cold with other citrus and anti-water retention fruits :)
    Lauren x
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  9. I've been attempting to get into this, and green tea lemon is suppose to burn fat apparently too, I just think green tea and lemon water tastes so meh! Can anyone genuinely say they enjoy the taste haha. X

  10. I love drinking hot water and lemon, it's so good for you :D xx

    Gemma //

  11. I have been really enjoying your blog since I started following. Your blogging chat schedule is actually a bookmark on my browser because I visit it almost daily. I have heard of the lemon water thing. I sometimes have ice water with lemon in work but I got put off by the lemon floaters (ew) but I've never tried it warm. It does seem very purifying. I've been getting into herbal teas lately which also have lots of benefits- my favourites so far are peppermint and green tea. Hope you feel better soon.
    Julianne xx


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