Super Easy Rocky Road

Monday, March 17, 2014
Rocky Road cake is something that's been in my family for years. In the Summer time, we always go for picnics and have barbeques, but there's always one thing that we notice if it's missing - Rocky Road cake. Normally I have to pick out all of the raisins and cherries but when I found this recipe from BakingMad, it helped me make my own (minus the fruit!). 

Before we start, here's a list of what I used:
3 tbsp of Golden Syrup
100g butter
10 chocolate digestives (or jidestives as I like to call them)
Mini marshmallows
Silverspoon Chocolate Chips*
Silverspoon Baking Chocolate*

So, to make this, the first thing you need to do is gently boil the chocolate, butter and syrup in a pan. Take the word "gently" as the most important - we heated it too high to begin with and some of the chocolate separated so we had to start again. Do this until melted and smooth. 

The next step is to crumble up and gather all the other bits. You can add whatever you want, but I opted for marshmallows, biscuits and chocolate chips to make the traditional Rocky Road (without the cherries and raisins!)

After gathering your fillings, add them into the pan and stir until it's fully coated. You can dip a little finger in and have a taste, just to make sure it's OK. Once you've coated them fully, pop into a silicone tray. We actually put half of the mixture in, then added cherries to what's left in the pan as my brother, mum and dad love cherries. At least I got half for myself and they got half between three!

Pop into the fridge for 20-30 minutes and it's ready to go. This is one of the nicest (and easiest) things I've ever made and could even be checked off my March Goals list under "learn and practice to cook more"! This is perfect if you're just dipping your toes into the "I'm trying to cook and have nowhere near enough skills to make something using the oven" water. I still have a small bit waiting for me in the fridge, that is if my mum or brother haven't eaten it by now...

*product sent for reviewing