7 Apps Every Girl Needs

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Us girls have all gotten to the point at least once in our lives when we suddenly have an urge of realisation - spending days in your pyjamas with no makeup and hair full of dry shampoo & then wondering why you "don't have your life together". When it comes to these situations, I rely on my phone (in fact almost any situation I rely on my phone, but this one in particular).

WAHANDA is an absolute life-saver when it comes to wanting to feel more girl-like. You can just pop on the app and book yourself a hair & beauty appointment within a matter of minutes.

PINTEREST  is an app that is essential on my phone and I use it almost daily. It's also not good for me, because I end up spending 3+ hours on there and forgetting I have work to do... Ooops.

CLUE  if there's one app I think every girl should own, it's this one. Clue is a period app where you can track your cycles so you know where you're up to & it saves you from being hit with a nasty surprise at the end of the month!

BANKING  is my life-saver when it comes to being out shopping. Can you really afford those shoes when you have 6 other pairs almost identical at home? No Elise, step away from the shoes.

AFTERLIGHT  if you want your selfie game to be strong before it's put on Instagram, Afterlight will be your best friend. It has better filters than Instagram itself and is definitely worth the price.

QUIZ-UP  if you're stuck on the train with nothing to do, you need to get Quiz Up. When I went to Tenerife a few months back I lived on this game, playing it almost 90% of my journey (the other 10% was either eating or sleeping. Typical).

BLOGLOVIN'  being a blogger, how could I include an app post without including this little gem? Bloglovin' is one of my most used apps and helps me keep up to date with the blogs I read.

What's your favourite app?

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