Easy, Simple Tips for Saving Money

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

We've all been there - the mad rush at the end of the month when you have too many days and not enough money. Similarly, we've all been there when you log onto Feel Unique and notice that Anastasia Beverly Hills have launched a new eye shadow palette and nothing but the words "OMG I NEED IT" run through your mind because really, we all need eyes like Amrezy from time to time. Whether you find yourself in either situation or are just looking at saving some money, I have a couple of simple tips.

Create a savings account 
The first thing I did when I started to save money was to create a seperate account with my bank. It was all too tempting to have money sat in the account I use to buy whatever I want with yet not spend any. I created a savings account and transfer money from my personal account to my savings account so I'm less likely to spend it.

DIY everything
Well, almost everything... When it comes to saving cash, DIY is your best friend. Instead of paying for ready-made items, buy the supplies and do it yourself. Add YouTube into the mix and you have a much cheaper way of making the things you'd love to spend a fortune. Not only does it save you cash but I also feel such a sense of accomplishment when I do things myself instead of buying it ready made/depending on somebody else.

Set a budget 
How much would you like to save, and over what length of time? Realistically, how much can you afford to live on after your necessary outgoings are out of the equation? Use these questions to find a healthy amount in which you can save yet still live comfortably.

Pay with cash when you can
I've personally found that I'm less likely to go on a spending spree if I don't pay with a card. I know exactly what I've spent without having to log onto Internet Banking to see how much I really went over my budget. When you're stood at a till paying for something with actual real-life money from a purse, it feels much more real than it would if you were to use a card.

Look out for vouchers, coupons and deals
I have a variety of apps on my phone on which you can get money off coupons and special deals in certain shops. This one is especially good if you like eating out - there are tonnes of money off deals on apps like Groupon and Vouchercloud that can save you money!

Clear out old things 
Although it's not really classed as saving money, getting a bit of cash back from your old clutter will be great in your savings account. You clear out space in your wardrobe and make money from it to save up for whatever you like. It's a win-win!

What's your best tip for saving money?

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