DIY Falsies

Saturday, November 15, 2014
DIY Falsies

I think it's typical of pretty much every girl to wish for long, strong and healthy nails that can be painted nicely, don't snap and don't have the problem when you bite them too short. Unfortunately not many girls can get that with natural nails. It's also a problem when the salons charge £25 for falsies and once you chose the colour, you're stuck with it. That's where DIY falsies come in.

Whilst I was in Boots I came across the Nailene stick on nails. When I was around 10 years old, me and my best friend would always come home from shopping trips with endless supplies of Claire's stick-on nails but the only problem was they never lasted long, so my gorgeously already-painted, long falsies were in the bin after I'd been in the bath. Nailene are an amazing false nail brand and it's the brand that my salon use to apply acrylics. Guess what? For 200 nails (over 20 different nail applications!), you pay just £8.50. Essentially, you get 200 nail applications for what should cost you around £400 in the salon. Crazy right? It gets even better - the nails are applied with the same glue as acrylics meaning they're not peeling off anywhere and you can paint them as many times as you like (even removing and re-applying colour onto the same set) without them chipping.

You can get two shapes - mine, Ovals or Squares. You aren't commited to length or shape as they're just there to give you a guide, meaning you can cut and file them to suit you. Plus, there are some amazing deals on VoucherCloud to help you have a bit of money. Have you ever tried DIY falsies?

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