Lush party popper bath bomb

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Oh my God! How cold has it been this week?! I think Christmas is definitely on it's way! Brrrrrr. Anyway, this gave me huge kick up the bum to get out and do some Christmas shopping. Now, I can never go shopping without having a sneaky peek in Lush. It's heaven in there. I wish I could buy the whole shop!

I limited myself to only buying 1 thing, because I always spend endless amounts of money on things I need. I only had £5 change and so bought this Party Popper bath bomb. It smells lovely and really cleans your skin in the bath. It's so fun to watch them sizzle away in the water, it fascinates me!

It leaves little confetti-like pieces in the water and looks so pretty. I heard a crackling noise and was scouring the bathroom to see where it was coming from and I only just found out it contains popping candy! Haha. It turns the water a gorgeous purple/pink colour, and it just makes bath time so much better!

Have you tried these? I love them! Definitely on my repurchase list.


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