Bath Time

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Sorry for the extremely bad quality, I had to zoom in on my camera to get the photo as I was too scared to put my phone over the bath - knowing myself I'd probably drop it in and I would be completely lost without it! I love bubble baths. If you take a bath without bubbles, Soap and Glory, multiple candles and Taylor Swift playing, that it a waste of a bath. I'm pretty sure that is what heaven feels like! 
The first product I use for my baths is the Soap and Glory Bubble Bath being sold in Boots for £5.50, which is an extremely good bargain. With ordinary bubble baths I usually tend to put the whole bottle in and no bubbles still come out. However, with this magical beauty I only have to use 2-3 capfuls and you get a bubble explosion. With this, less really is more. Whenever somebody uses the quote 'less is more' I never understand it - how can less possibly be more? Less is less, and more is more, but with this, a little goes a very long way. It smells delicious and I am so bad at describing scents so if you think you'd like it, I'd recommend going to Boots and trying it out.
Next is the Sugar Crush body scrub which is probably one of my favourite scents. It contains smashed brown sugar, sweet lime, almond oil and macademia grains. It doesnt seem nice, I know, and when I saw this on Zoella's blog I ran (not literally) straight to Boots and smelt it, and as I previously said, it is my favourite smell EVER. Buy it. Buy it now.
Finally is the Glad Hair Day, again from Soap and Glory and this cost £5.50. I'm not too sure that I would buy this again. It is a good shampoo don't get me wrong, but the smell didn't last and straight after I got out of the bath, the smell was gone. My hair smelt like nothing, and this was such a disappointment because the smell when it was cleaning my hair was lush. Also, the bit which you squeeze the shampoo out of is SO small. It takes like 3 minutes to get a considerable amount onto your hands ready to rub it through your hair. However it does leave my hair feeling and looking fresh!
What are your favourite bath products? :)

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  1. I LOVE soap and glory, they're a permanent staple in my bath time routine :) x


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