'One Line A Day' Journalling

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Every so often I like to dig out my old journals and have a look what the 10 year old Elise was angry about. Keeping diaries is one thing I'm glad my mum persuaded me to do since a young age and I'm so happy I have a stash of memories that was written from my perspective 10+ years ago. I've always been a writer and journalling is my kinda thing, so I bought myself a One Line A Day journal.

The concept of this journal is pretty easy to follow - you write a few sentences about what you're thinking, feeling or doing on that day. Once you've done that for one year, you'll end up where you started and you have a book with a year full of memories. Then on the second year, you move down the page and do the same thing, filling your book with another year of memories. The aim of this is to write one sentence a day for five years until you have a small book compact with almost 2,000 days worth of thoughts.

I've only been doing my journal for about a month or so, but the first year of writing in it is always the worst. You're just writing, writing & writing and you don't have any memories to look back on. Plus it's pretty difficult to remember to actually write in it but I can't wait until I can start to look back through it. The thing I love most about writing this journal at the age I am is because it'll be from the age of 17 to 22 so I'll be able to look back on my driving lessons, parents, birthdays, holidays and even exams!

Do you write a diary? How long have you been writing it for?

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