zara home lusts

Wednesday, November 06, 2013
zara. one of the best shops in the history of shops. although slightly on the expensive side of clothing, the durability and quality is still worth the money. we're decorating still, and the coughs and cold are sadly upon us now, making wishlists about cute home decor all i feel capable of. mock exams (in subjects that i require no information of to do what i want to do with my life) are also another fault of this week. endless revision sessions and hours upon hours of procrastinating is starting to drive me crazy... drained is not the word!

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all of these products are just so cutely pretty and feminine - all things that i love home decor to be about. zara's new home additions are all beautiful, and not mega overpriced like you'd expect. all of the products look like they're made beautifully and i just want them all shoveled up and plonked into my room. the daisy photo frame is especially my favourite, but can you blame me? it's beautiful, and i'm definitely scouring the zara website trying to other find matching pieces.