a new halloween tradition

Friday, November 01, 2013
After wanting to set up a yearly seasonal tradition for what seems like forever, I think I've cracked the perfect one. What really is better than carving pumpkins and buying nice, organic food on a small family run farm? I didn't have trouble picking out a season to pick the tradition for because I had my heart set on Halloween - it's not as manic and busy as Christmas but there's still enough to do not to get bored. 

The farm itself is called Kenyon Hall Farm and is great for people of all ages - there's a nice organic fruit and veg shop which also stocks honey and home-made bread, as well as an outdoor play area and toy tractors for the kids. There's more to do in the Summer too, like pick your own fruit and veg and an outdoor picnic area for alfresco pack-your-own lunches. There's flowers for sale and even a cafe, if you want to stop off and have a rest mid-visit.

Behind the back of the cafe, there's a large poly-tunnel with rows and rows of pumpkins, ranging from 50p to £7. Blaine, the little child (at 12) he is, loved carving the pumpkins in the tunnel. They supply children's carving knifes and even have a display of the best-carved pumpkins. We loved visiting here, even though it took us near enough 2 hours to arrive, and definitely think this will be our new Halloween tradition. If you ever visit here for yourself, make sure to pick up two pumpkins - one to carve, and one to make a nice pumpkin bread with Natalie Jean's recipe. Perfect.



  1. This looks lovely. I didn't even know about places like this. So cute.
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

    1. Really? I love little family-run farms haha :) Xx

  2. looks lovely!! xx


  3. Nothing a little of organic produce to make you feel good! Didn't buy a pumpkin this year but kind of wish I had

    Holly ♥ petitpromise.blogspot.co.uk


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