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Sunday, November 03, 2013
admittedly, sundays aren't my favourite of all days. the rushing around in the evening and waiting for sunday night TV before early nights are not for me, although i do love sunday mornings. there's just something so satisfying about just laying in bed and listening to music with a cup of hot tea and pjs. i'm taking this weekend easy, as a few coughs and colds are brewing... cue the creativity.

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these are a few of the songs i had repeating through my earphones lying in bed this morning. kacey musgraves' follow your arrow has to be my favourite on this list. my dad and i play this every single time i see him and it just makes me smile and reminds me of him. i got thinking earlier, and i realized how lucky we are. not just myself and the people i personally know, but the people reading this. the chances are, you're reading this on your laptop, phone or computer and it's amazing how we are so fortunate to have what we have. it's quite scary actually, how much we have in comparison to how little others do. i wonder how it ended like this and what made our lives different to others. fate, maybe?

i told you i think a lot.


  1. Lovely post. Lazy Sunday mornings with a snuggly duvet, cup of tea and list of fab blog posts to read are perfect. And you're right, we are incredible lucky... sometimes we forget to appreciate it. Great blog xx

  2. You have a great music taste :-) I love Royals and Only love too, really lovely songs to listen to on a lazy day xx

  3. Great post! I am obsessed with Lorde at the moment. Can't believe she's only 16 and making such amazing music!

  4. I love your playlist! Especially Lorde and Bastille. I featured Bastille in my last post too :) love them so much xx

  5. Used to be obsessed with Lorde, love her album
    love victoriajanex


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