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Monday, November 18, 2013
I've been thinking of a new series to do over here on the blog, and seen as though I'm an internet addict, I thought I'd share a few of the links I've been enjoying throughout the week. This will not be a weekly feature because it's just a bit of fun, but it's just a nice one-off thing that hopefully you will all enjoy!

These funny exam answers. I can't deny that I've been clicking through the silly answers people have wrote. If you're feeling quite down about school, these will more than likely cheer you up!
This very inspiring poem on Sofia's Journal. If you have a spare couple of minutes, I really urge you to read this. It's really amazing.
This guide to SEO. I'm terrible with SEO and have only just learnt what it meant. This is a really useful and detailed guide to try and understand the basics.
This beautiful and really cozy snood from River Island. I can't help but to buy a cosy scarf/snood at Winter... It's almost becoming a tradition!
And finally I've been using this Twitter chat  guide by  Sweet Sparkly Serendity. If you're very forgetful or just confused by Twitter chats, I think you'll find this guide very useful! Whether you're a food, beauty, lifestyle or even craft blogger, she's added them all onto this little guide.


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