what i wore: winter

Monday, November 25, 2013
I'm not the best at the fashion side of blogging, but everyone starts somewhere! I love fashion, so I'm attempting to incorporate more fashion posts in my blog somehow. I recently spent a morning in a gorgeous nature park with my mum and brother, so they came in handy when taking photos! I find it so hard to do these kind of posts because I don't want to sound vain to people when I say 'take a photo of me!' but I guess it's something you gotta do :)

Fashion blogs always tend to go a little like this, so let's have a go. My coat is from Matalan and is so unbelievably cosy and warm. It has a fleece lining to keep you snug in Winter and (I also do take blog photos with products lying on this. Haha). I'm also wearing a wooly jumper from George - the clothes at ASDA are so underrated! I don't understand why some people turn their nose up at clothing brands like this because it's the same quality you'd get at Topshop but for a fraction of the price! I'm wearing a plain white t-shirt underneath to keep me extra warm.

I'm wearing a pair of Matalan's extra thick leggings and these are honestly a life saver. They're much much thicker than those flimsy Primark pairs and keep you so warm. You also don't get that horrible I-can-see-your-knickers-through-your-leggings thing either, which is also a bonus! Finally my boots were from Matalan also, but I bought them last year so you'll be lucky if you find them! I'm also wearing Black Cherries from Rimmel on my nails which has been my go-to nail product this season.

I hope you enjoyed this little fashiony post. How did I do?



  1. I love your boots, just what I need for Autumn/winter :-) I think I'm going to need to take a trip to Matalan as well for some of those leggings - I love wearing leggings but I can't deal with the see through Primark ones any more! Lovely outfit :-)


    1. Definitely! There's nothing worse! Thank you :) xx

  2. You did a great job for your first fashion outfit post. That outfit looks really comfy and warm and I love the gold detailing on those boots. :)
    [Yours Truly,NY]

  3. Beautiful <3

  4. Such a pretty outfit! I love your jacket and nails! :)

  5. you look really pretty ! lovely manicure :) would you like to follow each other :) xx


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