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Tuesday, October 29, 2013
One of the things I love most about Winter is the change of clothes and a re-vamped wardrobe. There's just something so satisfying about clearing out an overflowing wardrobe and filling it again with coats, leggings and cosy jumpers and cardigans. For the change of season (and clothes!), a Polyvore set was in order to nosey around and see what I like the look of.

Everyone needs a nice, warm and cosy snood throughout the Winter, don't they? This one from Topshop is definitely on my list for a Winter wardrobe! Also, I saw this coat whilst browsing the outerwear section and couldn't help but put it in my set. It looks so warm and comfy!

As always, I'm always late to the party to buy a nice pair of boots. Boots are the one thing I am so fussy about - I hate them too high or too low, and they have to be the right colour. I know, it's fussy and it drives my mum mad, haha. I saw these and they're exactly the right colour and height that I would wear, so they were a winner!

Bags are one thing I never usually change, but seen as though we're going all out with all of the other items in this set, I added this one in. As you can probably already tell, I prefer beige and tan colours in Winter instead of deep reds and purples - I leave them colours to Autumn. I couldn't resist not putting one of these Christmas Yankee candles in. Every year we buy a Christmas candle and this looks perfect for this year.



  1. That snood looks so snuggly. Love your picks.
    I'm desperate to get a bunch of wintery Yankee candles

    1. It does! Thank you :) Me too - they're just so comforting and Christmassy :) X

  2. I need some a new wintery Yankee candle! + I love the satchel :) x

    1. I do too - I have so many lists on my phone of candles that I want to buy haha :) xx

  3. I want some new Yankee candles so bad, they just smell divine!


  4. I want that satchel it looks so nice and the colors my fav


  5. Ahh such gorgeous colours! I love all the fashion picks :) xx


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