interior inspiration

Wednesday, October 23, 2013
My mum and I have decided to redecorate our living room, which only means one thing - hours and hours spent on Pinterest drooling over dreamy bedrooms and beautiful kitchens. But can you blame me? The photos of interiors on there are to die for, and I couldn't help not sharing a few of these dreamy houses with you all.

All images' sources are on my Pinterest board 'home'.
 The first two is definitely more to my mum's taste - modern with all matching colours but still with a sense of personality, whereas the two beneath are mine. Modern homes are really not my style, as I prefer a house to be more of a home than like a 'show home'. Rustic wood and pastel colours are my favourite, along with candles and cozy blankets.

Pinterest has began to take over my life. I uncontrollably spend hours on there (especially like tonight when I should be revising for my French exam tomorrow!) but I really can't help it. I just can't wait to decorate now!