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Saturday, October 12, 2013
In my 'how to clean makeup brushes' post a while back, I said that I don't see the point in buying expensive makeup if you don't frequently clean your brushes thoroughly. Bacteria and germs will explode and infest your brushes, meaning that if you don't clean your brushes, you can end up with pesky spots and blemishes. 

Real Techniques are my all-time favourite brush brand. The likes of MAC and Bobbi Brown charge absolutely ridiculous prices for brushes, when you can pick up a set of four or five Real Techniques brushes for just over £20! I really can't fault them whatsoever - they don't go out of shape when they're deep cleaned, and can apply makeup flawlessly with a variety of different face, eye and lip brushes.

The first set I bought was the Core Collection or Face set (orange handles). The kit comes with a detailer brush; the infamous buffing brush to apply flawless foundation; a contour brush with the perfect shape for chiseling cheek bones; and a foundation brush. I find the foundation brush a little too small and I rarely ever use it. For the price, you can't fault the quality and variety of brushes you actually get.

I also bought the Starter Set (purple handles) which mainly focuses around the eyes. Included is the base shadow brush which I mainly use for concealer; a deluxe crease soft brush to eye shadow; an accent brush for tiny highlighting; an eyeliner brush and an angled brow brush. Both of the kits come with a case/stand but I prefer to store them in my IKEA pots.

I bought the Stippling brush and Powder brush separately for around £10.99 each. If I want a slightly less coverage from my foundation, I use the stippling brush instead of the buffing brush as there are not as many fibers. The powder brush really does what it says on the tin. Perfect for powdering, blusher and even giving yourself a nice little bronzer tan.

Elise ♥


  1. I love real techniques :) I should be buying the eye set today, I can't wait! x

    1. Me too :) - the eye set is amazing! I love all of them! Xx

  2. Love these brushes. I have the core collection and a couple of the pink ones and to be honest I prefer them to my more expensive brushes!

    Girlintheblackhat xx

    1. I love them all! They're so much better than the likes of MAC and Bobbi Brown - they're so ridiculously over priced! Xx

  3. RT are my favourite brand too! I have the expert face brush, powder brush and shading brush and I'm planning to extend my RT collection. Amazing quality for the money you pay too!x


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