sigma f88 brush

Wednesday, June 12, 2013
It's official.
I'm addicted to makeup brushes.
The newest little gem to my ever-growing collection is the Sigma F88 Angled Kabuki Brush.

Sigma F88 Angled Kabuki Brush - $18 *
I've found this brush to be perfect for applying cream foundations in those awkward places on your face where it's difficult to get a matching coverage. 

The bristles are so tightly packed and the brush is so dense that it gives a really full coverage. The brush has synthetic hair and is super soft! I usually use the Real Techniques buffing brush to apply my liquid foundations, but I found this to work and achieve a much more flawless effect than the buffing brush.

The design is sleek, simple and the brush itself is not too big to hold or have all over your face. 

Although it's my first brush from Sigma, I'm definitely looking to buy some more to build up my kit. Considering they have 10% off with the code SUM2013 until 30th June 2013, it'd be rude not to... 

Have you tried any Sigma brushes? What are your favourite foundation brushes?


  1. I have tried the sigma's regular brushes, but I still haven't tried anything from the synthetic brush line! I need to check these out soon!

    1. Definitely! They're amazing! X


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