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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Yes. I'm a beauty blogger and I still don't have the Naked Palette.
How shocking is that?
It seems I have almost every Real Techniques brush except some of the ones in the Starter Kit. This is one of my favourite brush brands because I actually think they're really inexpensive for good quality brushes. Also, they're made by a fellow beauty blogger. :)

The Soliel Tan De Chanel is the product I've been eyeing up for so long. I've read so many reviews on it because I think it's important to before splurging over £30 on one single product!
Yes, I am a beauty blogger and I don't own any Benefit blushes. Hopefully I will not be deprived of one for much longer.

What is one product that's loved but you still haven't got?


  1. I'm a blogger and I don't have the naked palette, any real tech brushes or anything from MAC...who am I! Lol, I need to get my shop on

    Kylie x


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