Weekend Notes & Links 03

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Happy Sunday! This week's Sunday post is scheduled again because my boyfriend and I are off for a weekend away in the Lake District! I'm majorly looking forward to the break due to how hectic this week has been, and as we're camping I probably won't be as active on social media as I usually am. I'll be back soon!

In the past few months of writing this blog, I apologize that my posts have been a bit hit-and-miss. I go from months of posting 18 times to months with only 2 things being published. I think blogger's block happens to everyone but it really has been a struggle to keep up to date over here but I think I finally have my mojo back. If you'd like to see how I get my motivation back after a blogging slump, let me know! They're some of my favourite posts to read.

Links I've loved:
○  How to make your own DIY contour brush.
○  The struggles of teaching your parents how to use a computer.
○  Things to be happy about.
○  A power bowl for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
○  How well do you know the teen internet?

What've you done this week?

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