Getting Yourself Out Of A Blogging Rut

Monday, September 21, 2015

I mentioned in last week's Weekend Notes & Links that the past few months have been difficult for me blogging-wise. I was in and out of a rut, feeling motivated for two weeks and then back to being unmotivated, uninspired and just generally lacking any ideas for another two weeks. My boyfriend and I went to the Lake District last week and it was the first time I actually gave myself a break - no blogging, checking stats or even being active on social media. It felt good to have a break and I feel like I got some valuable tips for getting yourself out of the blogging rut.

Take a proper break
By 'proper break' I mean fully take yourself away from the internet and the blogging world. Stop stressing about not having any ideas - they will come in time.

Join in a Twitter chat
If you're not ready/prepared to step away from the internet, use it as a source of information. I've always found that participating in Twitter chats give me more motivation and talking to other bloggers can even source some new ideas.

Browse other blogs
By no means am I saying it's OK to copy other bloggers (it's most definitely not!), but using them as a source of inspiration is perfectly fine. By reading blogs similar to yours, you are likely to find a couple of post ideas that you hadn't have thought of before.

Utilize Pinterest
Ahh, the ultimate site for dreamy photos, how-to guides and of course, blogging tips. Sign up and get pinning posts that inspire you and come back to them when you're struggling for ideas. If needs be, create a secret board solely for blogging ideas - it always works for me!

Read things out of your niche
This is similar to reading other blogs but try and read those that aren't similar to yours. If you write a  beauty blog, for example, try reading design blogs. Use the categories on the Bloglovin' Discover page to find blogs that aren't similar to your own. You can still use them for inspiration and it expands the potential audience of your blog.

How do you get out of a blogging rut?

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