3 Tips to Improving Your Instagram

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Social media is one of my favourite parts about blogging and it's so rewarding when your hard work pays off. Blogging isn't about numbers to me - I'd rather have 10 genuine followers who I interact with me and my posts as opposed to hundreds who don't interact. Over the past few weeks I've put some time into developing my social media channels and gaining loyal, genuine readers. Here are my tips specifically for Instagram (see my Twitter tips here!).

Decide on a theme
One of the most important things that I think make-or-break an Instagram account is the theme of the photos. A theme could be anything - beauty photos, fashion, monochrome or like mine, photos with a white background. I just think it makes the whole account in general look more appealing.

Interact with others in your niche
Just like Twitter, I see Instagram as a place to connect with other bloggers/people in your niche. Like other peoples photos, leave meaningful comments and make friends!

Use hashtags
Hashtags are an important thing on Instagram and can really help you out when finding new people and fresh content to follow. Use the hashtags of the Twitter blogging chats and tag brands in your posts. This gives you a chance for your photos to be used by bigger brands with a potentially bigger audience.

What's your best Instagram tip?

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