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Sunday, July 26, 2015
One thing that comes with reading endless amounts of beauty posts from the past 3 years comes a long list of hyped products. I have no self-control when it comes to makeup and as soon as somebody tells me that they love a product, I have to try it myself. This can have two issues: a) you buy it & don't like it, or b) the hype wears off after a few weeks and people start to admit that it wasn't actually that good or even worth the hype.

The first ever hyped-up product that I bought was the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Rose Gold. When I originally reviewed them here, I loved them. I have to admit though, I'm no longer much of a fan of these. It's so funny how your interpretation and opinion of a product changes once you get older & try others! The Touche Eclat highlighting pen by YSL was a product that came into the blogger hype earlier this year and when I reviewed it at the time, I didn't understand the hype. 8 months later & I still can't say I'm head over heels for it! I would rather use the Collection concealer which is much cheaper, gives my cheeks more of a highlight & covers my dark circles!

Lots of lip products were hyped-up last year, especially when the first drugstore launch of the famous Chubby Sticks came to Boots. The Bourjois Colorboost are still, one year later, one of my favourite lip products. They're so glossy and hydrating with such a gorgeous pay-off - these still deserve hype now! Revlon also had their 10 minutes of fame with the launch of their Lip Butters. I loved these to begin with, yet never seem to hear much of them anymore! Kate Moss' lipstick in 107 was one of the most memorable hyped-up products for my whole (almost 2 years!) of blogging. Needless to say, it's still as amazing as ever. Every time the #bbloggers Twitter chats focus on Autumnal makeup, this always comes out on top.

MAC's Mineralise Skin Finish in Soft & Gentle is always one of the most recommended when you ask for a champagne-coloured highlighter. I remember everyone going mad for this last September and I fell in love with it at the time. It's not a product I look to everyday and I mainly stick to using this in the Summer as it compliments a tan perfectly.

What products have you bought due to the hype surrounding them?

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