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Monday, July 08, 2013
Mac's Studio Fix fluid was the first high-end foundation I ever bought.
And it's fair to say I love it more every time I use it.

The only thing I didn't like about this foundation was that you had to pay an extra £4 for the pump.
I use a pump for all of my foundations as it's a much easier way to control how much product you actually get out of the bottle.
However, the lid doesn't fit over the pump but in the pump, you can twist it so that you can lock it and be able to transport it anywhere and have it not leak.

The packaging is sleek and simple too, like many other Mac products.
Because the bottle is made of glass, I'm terrified I will drop it and it will smash everywhere.
£21.50 is not cheap for a foundation!

I'm so pale, I'm practically the lightest shade that Mac do. 
The coverage for this is amazing - I would say definitely medium-full coverage. It's certainly blendable and some days I can even wear this without concealer.
It covers any blemishes if you build it up well.

This foundation has an SPF of 15, so if you build it up and take photos with a flash camera, you may get flashback and look a bit washed out.
The smell of this product is one I personally don't mind, but I know everyone else does.
The majority of Mac foundations get branded as smelling as 'paint stripper'.
However, you can't smell it on your face all day! There's always a positive. :)
I just pop a bit of Rimmel's Stay Matte powder and it stays putt all day!

Do you like the smell of Mac foundations? What are your favourite?

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