MAC Shadow Starters

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

I've been collecting makeup for a long time and four years of collecting comes with a lot of money spent. Some of my favourite eye shadows that I've been using come from MAC - one of the first high-end brands that I rushed to buy with my pocket money. Since then I've made my own custom palette and have tried my hand at all finishes. Being a beginner in makeup or even being new to MAC can be overwhelming so I've picked out four of my basic favourites that are great to start off a palette with!

NYLON is the intense highlight that's shown in the bottom right of the photo. This is a staple for every beginner quad because it's so versatile. I use this to highlight my brow bone, inner corner and even cheek bones & due to the texture of it, it lasts a long time without fading. The highlight has a yellowish shade to it which makes it lovely for brow bone highlighting.

NAKED LUNCH is only a shade that I've been getting into recently and it's a great dupe for Sin from the original Naked palette. I originally found this hard to pick up any pigmentation but I've solved this by wetting the brush I apply it with slightly beforehand. It's a gorgeous pale pink shimmery shade that makes the eyes look bright when applied onto the lid.

OMEGA is one for the blonde haired girls - this will make your eyebrows look amazing! If you're not blonde you could also have a use for this that might surprise you... Contouring. I use this eye shadow on a small fluffy brush to contour my cheeks as the grey cool tones in it make sculpting cheeks much easier than orange tones!

ESPRESSO is the shade I used on my eyebrows when I first got into makeup and it looks gorgeous when used on brunettes. This is also amazing for deepening the crease for a more dramatic look and also great for packing along the lash line for a smudgy liner look. A definite staple in any MAC palette!

What's your favourite MAC shadow?

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